Desktops / Notebooks

How we help you

AT MBI I.T. Services, our team can help you with your desktop and notebook needs

- Delivery of a Desktop, Notebook or Workstation to end user desk or cubicle
- Installation and Set Up of Desktop, Notebook or Workstations w/ removal of packaging off site
- Configuration of Desktop, Notebook or Workstation to client domain with specialty application installations if required
- Desktop, Notebook & Workstation Diagnose & Repair
- Legacy Parts sourcing and installation
- Onsite Audit Reporting and Testing of Desktop, Notebook or Workstation and delivery to leasing company or recycling partners
- In-House hardware receiving, auditing and testing of Desktop, Notebooks or Workstations with reporting and shipping to lessor
- Hard Drive Disc Erasure complete with customizable reporting and Direct Drive to shredding facility with Certificate of Destruction
- Removal of obsolete Desktop, Notebooks, Workstations, Servers, UPS, Racks and Peripherals for Recycling and - Decommission with 100% land fill avoidance
- Image Creation and Management volume image loading or application install
- Hardware staging and warehousing with asset tagging or application installations
- Moves, Adds or Changes for large office relocations and moves to alternate locations within the Province.